First Sale in the History Books

I did it! only one tiny sale, but I broke the ice and now it looks like most systems are working. I have gone from 15 items listed to 14, but there is more to come. I have a few good items that I picked up cheap this past weekend and I have started looking around my own house for stuff I need to get rid of so hope to get more on shortly! Still trying to figure out how to share the budget also.

Finally in Business

Grammypreneur is finally up on Ebay! I only have four items listed so far. Let me know if you need any help getting your account set up. It was a little bit of a pain, but now that it is up I am easily able to list. Sourcing for more cool stuff tomorrow. So far we have spent $16.00; $15.00 to renew this domain for the next year and $1.00 for the four Christmas ornaments that I have listed. Remaining budget is $484.00

Waiting Game

I forgot that getting started can be time-consuming and a little aggravating. I initially had problems linking PayPal and my old checking account because I copied the routing number and left a space at the beginning and did not realize it, I waited a couple days and tried again. Now that I got PayPal to accept the checking account as back-up, I am waiting for the two little deposits to hit so I can confirm my account and then move on to setting up the new Ebay account. I am excited to start sourcing and picking up items to sell. Next weekend I should be listing items and getting the ball rolling. I find that when there is an issue and I am frustrated, it is best to walk away from the task and come back to it later, usually I can handle it better with fresh eyes and most of the time I succeed. Has anyone else run into snags getting their PayPal accounts set up? What happened and how did you overcome the problem? J~

First Steps

I have decided that an Ebay business is exactly what I would like to attempt. Full disclosure here, I am an experienced Ebay seller; however, I have never done so as a full-time job. This change means that I have to make this count or my family could feel the financial pinch. I know that there is potential in any online business, but Ebay is something that anyone with a strong drive can do successfully. One of my Ebay stores is less than one year old and I had to start from scratch on that one. Starting brand new included zero feedback, which sometimes scares buyers away, Paypal held my funds for about week to make sure the customers that did dare to buy from me were happy with their items and my service, and since I did not buy a storefront to start I only had 50 free listings per month. Now my store is doing great and I know I can duplicate it as I create this new Ebay account to show all of you how to get started.

When you are ready to get started the first thing you will need to do is either use a checking account that you do not use for anything else or set up a checking account specifically for Ebay/Paypal purposes. I have an old account that I never use and I am going to link that to my new Paypal account. I do not want to intermingle funds from our personal monies or my other Paypal account, not for this project.

Paypal will want to link to that checking account, so after the checking account is established set up your Paypal account at

This may take a couple of days to get all of this done. Paypal will probably deposit a few cents into your bank account and ask you to verify it, then you will be ready to set up your Ebay account at and link your Paypal account.

Let’s get started!!

It’s Time!!

I have resigned my 9-5 position and I am going to give this whole entrepreneur lifestyle a try! I would love to have anyone who is interested, follow my journey and maybe even try it too. I will try and give you all the info you will need to have your own business too.

First let me say this: I am not a doctor, lawyer, scholar or accountant so I am going to make mistakes from typos to wrong links to just everyday mistakes. Please let me know if info I give you does not work and I will try to help. Thanks for being a part of my new venture.